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    Wenchi Crater Lake Day Trip

    Wench Lakes The lake is found 157km away from Addis Ababa next to Ambo. A further 32km drive on the gravel road leads to the lake. Coming from Ambo or Weliso to wenchi Crater Lake the gravel road ascending mountain slopes almost to the rim of the creator where the height reaches 3386m at a Read more [...]

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    Transit layover tour

    Hello Everyone from Africa , Europe , Asia , North America , South America , Australia . Why you stay your layover long boring hours , Seat on recliners , doze off , chairs back & raises its front back rest at Bole international airport ? If your time haul long layover in Addis Ababa Read more [...]

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    Halal tour

    Ethiopia is a holy land for Muslim and considered to be the for the early forth holiest Islamic city of the world , after Mecca , Medina ( Harar ) and Jerusalem .History has it that the early followers of prophet Mohamed were denied the fundamental right to pursue the religion they preferred and were Read more [...]

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    UNESCO Ethiopian Meskel Celebration ( Bonfire )

    It is tremendous , impressive festival never seen before .It is important festival which falls September 27 which celebrates the discovery of true cross by empress Helena …………….. Huge crowd crowds of people will make Circle the vast bonfire people of all Ethiopian ages seen in the street carrying fresh bunch of yellow daises . Read more [...]

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    Hiking to Mount Yere

    Yere mountain is one of the tallest, awesome and majestic mountain near Addis Ababa to the east of town -curtain to the rising sun . This Mountain which rises 10km to north of Dukem (1,950ASL) .This collapsed and dismantled caldera of the summit has a towering rock in its centre which was a former chimney Read more [...]