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    UNESCO Ethiopian Meskel Celebration ( Bonfire )

    It is tremendous , impressive festival never seen before .It is important festival which falls September 27 which celebrates the discovery of true cross by empress Helena …………….. Huge crowd crowds of people will make Circle the vast bonfire people of all Ethiopian ages seen in the street carrying fresh bunch of yellow daises . Read more [...]

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    Hiking to Mount Yere

    Yere mountain is one of the tallest, awesome and majestic mountain near Addis Ababa to the east of town -curtain to the rising sun . This Mountain which rises 10km to north of Dukem (1,950ASL) .This collapsed and dismantled caldera of the summit has a towering rock in its centre which was a former chimney Read more [...]

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    Ethiopian Cultural Food

    Foods Tour With many peoples, the food and drinks of Ethiopia reflect the many difficult cultures. Ethiopia typical dish is Wot , a hot spicy stew of meat or vegetables , seasoned with a blend of Berbere . Often made with Doro wet (Chicken) . It is normally served with Enjera , the traditional spongy Read more [...]

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    Night Life Addis

    Night Life tour Addis Ababa has a large and growing number of western –style bars , pubs , Jazz bar , lounge , restaurant and night clubs as well . Night Life is Addis Ababa is great to hangout each other and enjoy with ladies mingle too . The Jazz scene in Addis Ababa is Read more [...]